It Might Work to Spice Up Your Relationship

The language of desire is a book designed to spice things up in your relationships. As most of us know, almost every relationship goes through highs and lows. When you first start out, everything is new and shiny and glowing. It’s easy to get things racing and feel like it’s going to last forever. Then familiarity, that onus to every relationship, sets in and both people get comfortable with how things are and routine becomes standard. It’s often this routine that quenches the fires of passion, however. It’s difficult for most people to keep things fresh and exciting. We all know this.

This book explores the idea of using spicy language to get the relationship back on a desired level. I’ve used the book and it did work for me, although it’s important to note that you really need to have an intimate knowledge of your partner before using this type of language with them. It’s easy to generalize about men, but in reality not all men like saucy language. A religious person, for example, might very find these techniques repugnant. In that instance you’re more likely to kill the relationship quickly rather than repair or improve it.

In my case, my guy always sort of did like this stuff and I knew it, but I wasn’t willing to explore it fully. Reading the book and giving real thought to what I said and how I said it made a big difference. It also helped that I know what he likes. I wouldn’t have gone into doing this if I had no idea of his quirks and desires. If you know your partner, and think he’d probably like this stuff, he probably will. Use caution and most likely you really will be able to spark something in your relationship using these techniques.