Making The Most of Summer With Your Family

When the weather turns nice and the kids are out of school, it’s natural for families to start looking for things that they can do as a group. The ability to bond and have fun as a family is one of the most important parts of creating strong relationships and growing the family dynamic, so getting to do so outside while enjoying nature and being active is a sure way to create a lifetime of great memories.

However, finding the right activities for families in Atlanta can be a challenge. You want to make sure that you find something that everyone has the ability to accomplish, or it’s going to be frustrating rather than fun. If the activity is too simple, your family members are likely to get bored. Here are a few ideas that should help satisfy every requirement you need for a great family outing.

Connect with Nature

A walk through a beautiful area isn’t the most strenuous activity, so it’s perfect for anyone, regardless of their physical skill level. A great way to make sure that your walk is enjoyable is to take a walk in an area full of beautiful scenery and wildlife. An azalea garden is ideal for such a plan. The beauty of the garden will keep all of your family members engaged with the scenery throughout your walk, so much so that you might not even realize that you’re getting exercise while you’re enjoying the flowers.

Another great way to get out and enjoy nature is to walk through a butterfly garden. Butterflies are some of the most beautiful creatures in the world, and your family will enjoy watching them interact in a fun and safe environment. They might even land on you, which creates a great picture that you and your family will smile about for quite a while.

You can even use the interaction with nature as a teaching opportunity by letting your children interact with the trees and insects and then asking them about their experiences afterward.

Try a Thrilling Activity

A great way to build relationships and trust is to try to complete an obstacle course as a family. If everyone is up for it, you can really learn a lot about yourself and your family as you try to navigate through nature to achieve a common goal. You can have your own internal competition as you and your family try to see who can get the course done the quickest.

Other great ways to get outside and have some thrills include enjoying the water. It’s always thrilling to try something different when you have a chance to do so, and it’s even better when you and your family can try a new experience together. Kayaking, boating, and water skiing are great ways to try something new and have some fun at the same time.

When people in Georgia look back on their summer fun, activities for families in Atlanta are usually what brings the biggest smiles to their faces. By taking some time to plan and do something different, you can make sure you and your family are part of that group.

Bond Between Mom And Baby

When babies are inside the mother’s womb, it’s the umbilical cord that helps her grow and thrive. But when the baby is out to face the world, it’s the emotional bond between her and her mother that lays the psychological foundation and provides the li’l one with the social and physical buffer every child needs for growing up. Once the umbilical cord has been cut, baby’s physical attachment with mother may end, but it’s the beginning of an emotional bond to be cherished for a lifetime and beyond.

Scientists from all over the world has proven that those are powerful forces by nature that help the baby prevent diseases, boost immunity and even enhance her IQ. Mother-child bonding has evolved to become a complex physiological process that enlists not just our hearts, but brains, hormones, nerves, and almost every part of our bodies.

The bonding of the mother and child begins even before they see each for the first time. A pregnant mother often develops emotions mixed with anticipation and these feelings help set the perfect base of a strong bond between her and the child. This emotional attachment is due to powerful hormones like oxytocin. These hormones literally bring out the mother in every woman. The baby also reciprocates the love in her own unique ways. Like, her heartbeat increases every time she hears her mother’s voice.

The bond between mother and child builds the future character and personality of the child. Every child deserves loads of love and attention from their mothers so that they can have an emotionally healthy and well-structured future. With the increasing no. of creche and day care facilities and changing times, the responsibility now also lies upon the teacher to share a more affectionate and understanding bond with the infants and toddlers. While this is a great relief for working mothers it’s also a great responsibility of mothers to find a caregiver for the children.

In conclusion quoting a renowned pediatrician who confirms, “Babies need a lot of love and a lot of work, denying that would be wrong.” So stay loved and shower unlimited and unconditional love to your baby as these moments are priceless and wouldn’t come back for anything ever. For more information on everything you can know about pregnancy to parenting download the Babyberry App. The best pregnancy tracking app and unlimited information awaits you.